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With roots in the Vancouver and Portland region dating back to the 1960s, Duggan, Schlotfeldt & Welch is intimately familiar with the people and concerns that power the regional business community.

We draw on this knowledge when working with clients, turning our conversations into relationships that endure well beyond our initial work together. When you choose to work with Duggan, Schlotfeldt & Welch, you're entering into a partnership with a collaborative team of attorneys, paralegals, and staff committed to your continued success.

We provide the same level of friendly, accessible service to all our clients regardless of size. We believe every issue is important, and that all questions deserve a quick response.

Duggan, Schlotfeldt & Welch is recognized for an active litigation practice led by a team of experienced attorneys with decades of training and practical experience. We're equal to the most complex and challenging matters, knowing when to push the envelope and when to pursue conventional strategies. Although we work in a variety of sectors, we're particularly active in the construction, real estate, general commercial, and insurance trades, supporting business owners and individuals as they build their businesses and resolve disputes.
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